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I hope your school year is off to a great start!

California Casualty’s school lounge make-over is back! California Casualty recognizes that some of your Staff rooms need freshening up and we want to help! Attached is a flyer that you may use in an e-mail, newsletter or post to a website to help spread the word. Online entries are being accepted through 7/12/2019 for a chance to be awarded a school lounge make-over valued up to $7,500!

As a proud partner with CTA/UTSC member benefits we are thrilled to offer this opportunity to your members.

Thank you for your help!


The CTA Board of Directors will award Incentive Grants for attendance at the following statewide conferences:

To apply for an incentive grant online visit www.CTAGo.org/grants.

Minority Incentive Grants – Minority members are defined as belonging to one of the following racial-ethnic groups: African American; American Indian/Alaska Native; Asian; Hispanic; Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander or Multi-ethnic. These grants are offered to encourage minority leadership within the Association.

Small Chapter Incentive Grants will be awarded to small chapters with a unit size of 100 or fewer members. Unit size is defined as the number of persons who are represented for purposes of collective bargaining. The chapter membership may be less than the unit size.

New Member Grants will be awarded to applicants who are within their first 5 years of CTA membership.

Again, to apply for a grant, go to www.CTAGo.org/grants.

Should you have any questions regarding the online application process for the incentive grants, please call the CTA Conference Coordination Center at 650-552-5355.

Student Achievement grants provide $5,000 to improve the academic achievement of students by engaging in critical thinking and problem solving that deepen knowledge of standards-based subject matter. The work should also improve students' habits of inquiry, self-directed learning, and critical reflection. Deadline: ongoing

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