2018-2019 UTSC Mtg Dates

10 Minute Meeting Agenda Items Rep Council – 11/5/18

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  1. Concerns or Questions? - E-mail the office at That is the best way to reach Michael Hickey and other UTSC leaders. E-mail us from your personal e-mail address and refrain from using the addresses.
  2. Special Education Task Force Input Meeting - In response to concerns previously mentioned, we held a special input meeting on Thursday, October 25th. Over 100 members attended the meeting and provided input through a global cafe activity. That input will be shared at the Special Education Task Force Meeting on November 7th where we’ll look at patterns/themes and determine next steps. While we recognize that there is significant frustration across the district regarding these issues, know that the administration recognizes that there are legitimate concerns about supports and that they are committed to working collaboratively with certificated and classified employees to find solutions. Many have expressed a concern that there is no action but just talk but we need to balance taking action with ensuring that we get sufficient, input from all of you to make the most effective changes moving forward.
  3. Medical Benefits Open Enrollment - Remember that this is the open enrollment period for medical plans and this is your opportunity to decide if you want to sign up or change plans.
  4. Labor-Management Partnership - Website - soon to be live.
  5. Conference Grants through CTA or UTSC - There are grants and scholarships from CTA to attend CTA conferences. There is also a UTSC Conference Grant Application that any member can submit to request up to $500 to cover expenses to attend a conference. Check them out!