2018-2019 UTSC Mtg Dates

10 Minute Meeting Agenda Items Rep Council – 10/8/18

Invite a Board Member to your 10 minute meeting

  1. Concerns or Questions? - E-mail the office at That is the best way to reach Michael Hickey and other UTSC leaders. E-mail us from your personal e-mail address and refrain from using the addresses.

  1. Special Education - Your leadership has heard concerns from members at multiple sites in general education and special education about issues with placement of students, lack of support for teachers and students, and communication issues from administration to our members. At rep council, we worked on a plan to address these issues.

  1. CAMPAIGN 2018
    1. Video for 10-Minute Meeting
    2. Precinct Walking for Jodi Muirhead and Vickie Fairchild for SCUSD School Board.
    3. Measure BB - This is the SCUSD $720 million bond measure on November’s ballot.
    4. CTA Endorsements for California State Elections - Electing TONY THURMOND to be the next Superintendent of Public Instruction is our state priority. This link has information about the candidates for statewide office that have been endorsed by the CTA.
    5. South Bay Labor Council Endorsements
    6. Claudia Rossi and Brian Wheatley are asking for support for their respective campaigns for school board positions. Claudia is running for re-election to the Santa Clara County Board of Education and has been a champion for us and is also a target of the charter/privatization folks. Brian Wheatley is President of the Evergreen Teachers Association and is running for a seat on the SJUSD school board.

  1. Kaiser Offer Refused - The Bargaining team discussed the proposal from Kaiser to agree to change our prescription plan and in return, Kaiser offered to lower the rate increase from 4.6% to 3.6%. After discussion, we chose not to accept the offer for two reasons. First of all, changing the plan would result in a significant financial impact on members who are paying for cancer-treatment drugs where there is no generic alternative. Secondly, Kaiser is asking us to agree to it even though they can actually make this plan change unilaterally without us agreeing to it.

  1. Bargaining Update (coming soon to all members from Bargaining Chair)

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