What should I do if my administrator asks me to meet with them for a disciplinary reason?

A- Tell the administrator that you would like to have a union representative at the meeting. Then contact your site representative and inform them of the situation. Your site representative will listen and take appropriate actions to insure your right are being protected. If you can not locate or contact your site representative contact your cluster director.

* Remember it is your right to have a union member present for any disciplinary action. A member has the right to halt any meeting already in progress with an administrator if it becomes disciplinary in nature and there is no representative.

What should I do if I have a grievance and I think my rights are being violated?

A- First check the union contract to verify your allegations (note section and article). Then document everything that happened in narrative form including time, date, location, names of others involved, witnesses, and actual words spoken. After contact your site representative who will advise you on appropriate actions and time lines associated.

* A grievance exists when a unit member has a reasonable allegation that a contract article or past practice has been violated, misinterpreted, or misapplied by the administration.

What are the grievance procedures?

A- Once the grievance has been legitimized there will be an informal resolution meeting where the grievance will be reviewed with immediate supervisor, usually the site administrator within 15 days of the event. If grievance is not resolved it will be taken to Level 1 where a formal written grievance will be given to immediate supervisor within 10 days of the informal meeting. If there is no response in 10 days or a denial then the grievance will be taken to Level 2 where a appeal will be taken to superintendent within 10 days after Level 1. Finally if there is no response in 10 days or a denial from Level 2 the issue will be taken to Level 3 where association decides to proceed to Binding Arbitration.